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Liquid Love Co. was founded on the idea of using the freshest ingredients to produce quality drinks that are unique to you and your event. We strive to elevate your celebration by pairing premium creations with unparalleled service. Our team of TABC bartenders have been thoroughly vetted and trained to cater to your every need and produce an unforgettable liquid experience for your event.



Daley is the founder and owner of Liquid Love Co. After bartending through college he quickly realized that he had a passion to produce amazing cocktails and studied mixology. He is now a certified mixologist. He learned that he enjoyed creating experiences for not only his friends during get togethers or behind a local bar but on a larger scale.

Outside of Liquid Love Co, Daley is a Nurse in the Dallas area. He enjoys the best of both worlds as he cares for others and serves others in both aspects.

We strive to create unforgettable liquid experiences, focusing on fully customized, hand crafted, and memorable liquid catering services.

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